Fire Smell Removal

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Fire causes irreparable damages to the property. In some cases, the consequences of a fire are so devastating that it’s simply impossible to restore the building to its original state on your own or even prepare the room for repair. Before carrying out the room renovation after a fire, cleaning is mandatory; just because all traces of burning and soot must be eliminated prior to any repairs. Smoke smell removal is the essential step on the way to restore the place after fire.

What does post accidental cleaning and fire smell removal include?

Post accidental cleaning and fire smell removal requires not only significant physical effort, but also involves the usage of special cleaning equipment and chemicals. Bestcleanersnearme offers experience, professionalism and first-class equipment and supplies to eliminate the consequences of the fire. To restore the comfort or office of your home, we offer a range of services:

  • Removal of furniture, small and large debris after a fire;
  • Removal of burning and soot, washing and cleaning of all the surfaces (floors, ceilings, walls, furniture);
  • Dry cleaning of soft products, carpets, curtains;
  • Disinfection;
  • Windows and blinds cleaning;
  • Plumbing cleaning;
  • Washing mirrors and glass surfaces, etc.

Our experts will eliminate traces of fire, smoke smell as much as possible.

It’s important to remove the smog after the fire, because it fills the cracks and surfaces and can cause serious health issues, but it’s only possible with special equipment and cleaning supplies.

Why is it important to call professionals right after the accident?

Booking professional cleaning services as soon as possible is crucial to prevent the smoke smell from soaking deep into the surfaces. It makes cleaning much faster and easier.The prompt start of cleaning is perhaps the most important in the process of successfully responding to a fire.

Bestcleanersnearme has all necessary equipment, supplies and experienced stuff to eliminate the smoke smell completely and leave the room spotless.

What are the benefits of booking Bestcleanersnearme?

Bestcleanersnearme has over 10 years of experience in cleaning apartments or offices after a fire and eliminating the smoke smell completely. Our cleaning professionals have all necessary supplies and equipment and can start working as soon as you request it.Our specialists will free the room from burnt interior items before cleaning and help you forget the accident.

They will use personal protective equipment, such as overalls, respirator masks. All procedures will be carried out in accordance with safety equipment and rules. Usage of modern technologies and techniques to clean the surfaces is guaranteed! The range of services provided is enough to start repairs at the end of the cleaning.

Bestcleanersnearme works at your convenience and can start post accidental cleaning and smoke removal immediately.  We cover all areas of New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx Staten Island and all areas of the state of New Jersey!

Contact Bestcleanersnearme  to schedule same day cleaning for your apartment or office!